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Laurie & Markuss A wedding in Autumn

The Day started in Goulais River, Janice with the brides in Hayden, Simply a beautiful day for a wedding, Did they typical before the wedding with the Guys Photography, and a few different photographs including one with each groomsmen with a shotgun or rifle the Wedding was at Zion Lutheran, where the bride arrived in a Motorhome …a large one at that (some would say more fun than a limousine. After a beautiful wedding service (Zion Lutheran was a great place for photography, a Photographers dream for shooting conditions) we headed up to Hiawatha for the formal portraits. After we headed to the railroad tracks for a few more photographs, again we were able to tie in Laurie and Markuus’ engagement photographs. A really fun day with crazy country folk who were there to have fun celebrating some friends getting hitched (I’m from Massey and that is the way a wedding should go)

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