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Brittany & Marty - An Intimate Outdoor Wedding

We were crossing our fingers for Brittany & Marty’s intimate outdoor wedding—for the one thing that any wedding photographer wants: good weather. Fortunately, the light drizzle didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and we were able to capture some fantastic moody clouds! The drizzle fizzled just before the start of the ceremony, to everyone’s relief. We had Photographic Plan B, and Plan C, in case of a downpour, but I could see why outdoor pictures were such a priority for this couple after seeing their venue for pictures! It was a working farm, complete with a horse, the cleanest barn I have ever seen, a hay mow, a greenhouse, and attractive landscaping. I waited for Hal to have an allergic reaction to the hay mow—(can you believe, a farm boy who is allergic to hay?)-- and that didn’t even happen! It was a relaxed and pleasant day for everyone.

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