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Allison & Richard - A Wedding on Vacation

When I heard that Allison & Richard’s wedding festivities would take place at a resort north of Elliot Lake, I was pleased. When I set foot on the property, I was ecstatic! This was a wedding on vacation. Everyone, including the bride and groom, were so calm that at times I thought perhaps I was at a cottage for a family reunion. This retreat had no clocks in the rooms, no televisions, no radios --nothing to drown out the August sunshine and breezy tree rustles, which was exactly the feel this couple wanted. Hal and I found ourselves blending into the relaxed beat with our photography, as we attempted to capture the day by fitting ourselves into it. Our group photographs were in a gazebo only a few steps away from the lake-side outdoor ceremony, and we meandered up the path to the waterfall with the bride and groom. Near the top of the waterfall were two Adirondack chairs on a ledge with a beautiful lake view. My prevailing thought was that this could be the Northern Ontario version of a Corona commercial, and I was lucky enough to be part of it.

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