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Andrew and Jessica - Up in a Tree (Engagement Shoot)

With glee, Andrew kissed fiancée Jessica many times during their engagement shoot at the Sault Canal. I will never tire of the variety of interactions between engaged couples! It thrills me when a client takes a vignette we propose and makes it their own, and this session had a particularly great example of that. Of her own accord, Jessica scampered effortlessly up a giant, gnarly tree –without shoes, even!—for a relaxed and cute shot. Of course, we also had to incorporate some industrial structure to compliment Andrew’s chosen field of study, so we meandered to the train bridge-- a perfect contrast to the mushier (yay!) couple interactions by the end of the shoot. One of my favourites was a close-up of Andrew & Jessica with sunglasses on, just clowning around having fun. That photograph captured this photography session perfectly—Hal & I spent most of it laughing, too!

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