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Bobbi-Sue & Jon’s Spring Wedding Day Draped in Sunshine

Bobbi-Sue & Jon’s spring wedding day was draped in warm sunshine. I love the spring—birds warbling joyfully, the brand new green of plants just emerging, the odd brave flower peeking out from its winter den, the whoops of joy from wee ones at being able to run outside without the restraints of a few pounds of extra clothing—and this was definitely one of these long-anticipated I-am-SO-glad-it’s-finally-spring days. The details in this wedding were dazzling, like the stained-glass hummingbird that perched atop Bobbi-Sue’s stunning vibrant bouquet, and the vintage-style lace boots she wore. But the bling--- oh, the bling! The sparkle was everywhere, from her gorgeous dress and veil to the lights in the midnight-black rockin’ party bus! Filled with emotion, lots of laughter, and heart-felt love, this celebration lasted well into the night!

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