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Brittany and Marty - Soaking up the Sun (Engagement Shoot)

Brittany & Marty’s photography engagement shoot was a blast. Not only was the sky a transfixing shade of blue, but it was breezy and, well, I just generally love the beach, so that helped too. We discovered that sometimes Hal and I have very different visions of the same vignette. At one point I was going for a “relaxing & soaking up the sun” photograph, when he looked at me and said, “They should be in CSI, as the crime scene! They look dead!” Ultimately, the resulting photograph from my angle looked “beachy”, and the shot from his angle looked, well, like a shot. We also had fun with the breeze, too… one particular shot had a “Harlequin Romance”-type book cover quality to it. See if you agree! My favourite by far is the romantic smooch in the dune grass. Ahhh, the summer!

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