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The Nanni Family: Laugh ‘til it hurts!

As the beloved babysitter of our very active kids, I knew that at least one member of this family had energy—but I had NO idea how much energy (or that it must have some sort of genetic component!) until this photography shoot at Bellevue Park! I have to say that even the cameras liked this family. They were ready to try things, even suggest things at times, and kept up with us hopping from one great shooting scenario to another! I enjoyed the way this family interacted with each other— I laughed. And laughed! It was impossible to figure out what nuance was coming next, an aspect of photography I love. Even our tree-climbing/posing expedition and our quest for bull rushes ended gracefully without incident (or wet feet)! It was a fantastic, fun way to send off Maria—but Maria, please also come home!

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