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Introducing Miss Ella

It is always a joy to photograph babies. The cute little faces! The squishy rolls! The tufts of silky-fine hair and that intoxicating baby smell! It has been a long time since my wee babes curled their teeny-tiny fingers around mine… so photographing Baby “E” was a special treat. She was a calm, content client, willing to try just about everything as long as it involved being totally relaxed—until it was time for a wardrobe change! I was amazed how quickly she calmed and promptly passed out into dreamland again. (She even tried a couple of poses of her own design.) Towards the end, we even managed to capture a few pictures with her baby blues open, although she wasn’t very impressed about it! I admit, I am crazy about her baby hair… long and full with a mind of its own! It was a fun, relaxed session full of snuggles and laughs. Of course, since Hal & I had a “hand” in marrying this darling child’s parents, (or at least, we provided the photographic evidence), it was doubly sweet to have another session with them, too!

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