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Bobbi-Sue & Jon - Let it Snow

Every now and then, an engagement shoot brings with it an element of [gasp] danger… this photography session was certainly no exception. We realized quickly that our idyllic, romantic winter stroll at Hiawatha could easily end in someone (most likely me, as I tend to be a magnet for flying objects), being ploughed under by cross-country ski racers! We managed to dodge them and found a few interesting “snow features”, which included only a short mountain-climb for our lovebirds. The blowing snow (over the heads of Bobbi-Sue and Jon, after she had tackled him into a fluffy snow bank) even co-operated by showering them in crystalline sparkles! By then, we were all rather chilly, so what’s a snow angel but to add to the excitement? We are eagerly anticipating Bobbi-Sue and Jon’s upcoming wedding— they are a blast to photograph!

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