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Carrie & Dustin - Nippy Northern Ontario Winter Wedding

A blustery, nippy Northern Ontario winter day set the stage for Carrie & Dustin’s wedding, but the temperature outside wasn’t half as frigid as the interior of the ice box Farquar-Shingwauk Chapel! I had always wanted to photograph in the Chapel and considered it a privilege to finally set foot in the quaint gothic-style church, complete with intricate woodwork and stained-glass windows. Carrie & Dustin’s romantic evening ceremony called for the location photographs being completed earlier in the day, (while there was light), and topped off by a stop at the groom’s requested location: McDonald’s. Yes, they ate fries… but no, they didn’t have ketchup on them! They capped off a special, memorable day with a concert for all their guests, in which the groom performed! We enjoyed every aspect of this wedding—what a friendly, effervescent group of people!

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