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Samantha & Mathew - A Beautiful Traditional Ceremony

Blind River, here we come! Samantha & Mathew’s beautiful traditional ceremony and time-honoured flow of the day gave no indication that we would be playing location hopscotch with more stunning outdoor photographic backdrops than we could have imagined. The weather: perfect summer marrying weather. Rounding out the day of gushing rapids, (into which the groom almost fell), were rocky paths, wood fences, serene lakes, and a spectacular boat dock. The drama of lost rings (found before the ceremony in the possession of the bride but without the groom’s knowledge), and a dip-kiss gone wrong added to the energetic pace and excitement of the day! We thoroughly enjoyed this out-of-town wedding experience, as the bride & groom and their supporting cast of attendants were lively, willing, and friendly!

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